This Saturday:

We’ll again plaster you with disaster this weekend as we present “Fire!” from 1977. Produced by the Master of Disaster himself, Irwin Allen, this is a fun film that documents what life is like here in the rural parts of California during fire season. Starring Ernest Borgnine, Patty Duke, Donna Mills and Erik Estrada, this one might feel like an episode of Dallas until the blaze lights up. It will be a flaming good time.

Joining us to watch this hot movie will be friend and neighbor, Jon Provost. You might remember him as Timmy from Lassie. He won’t have a collie with him, but he will have a cute little white pup that will no doubt summon help with his barking when Jon inevitably falls into the well yet again.

All this while Livingston disapproves of Tangella’s F-Bombs, next Saturday night at 9PM Pacific on YouTube at the enclosed link and on-demand at Don’t miss it!

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