This Saturday:

We have yet another sky-high thriller in store for you: “Mayday at 40,000 Feet” from 1976 is a wonderfully terrifying film with an all-star cast. As a commercial flight faces a life-threatening emergency at 40,000 feet, passengers and crew must work together to survive. No monsters or ghosts in this one, but it does have David Janssen, Lynda Day George and Marjoe Gortner, so there’s that.

Joining us for this high-altitude, white-knuckled affair will be photographer Tom Gundelfinger. He’s photographed many legends of rock and roll, designed album covers for famous bands and has great stories about all of it. He’ll share some of those photos and give us his insights about the movie.

All this while Tangella makes a mess of Mrs. O’Connor’s clean floor, next Saturday night at 9PM Pacific on YouTube at the enclosed link and on-demand at Don’t miss it!

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