This Saturday:

No guest this weekend, but we do have an interesting film: “Necromancy” from 1972. This one is a little different – Orson Wells portrays the leader of a witches’ coven in Northern California. He’s apparently found a way to bring his dead son back to life by tricking a young woman (Pamela Franklin) into performing a demonic ceremony. Or something like that. We’re not sure, but anything with Orson Wells and Pamela Franklin should be a blast to watch.

All this while Tangella elevates Handrew’s bad taste, next Saturday night at 9PM Pacific on Vimeo at the enclosed link and on-demand at Don’t miss it!
(Link goes live on Saturday)

IMPORTANT NOTE: We were unable to clear this week’s film on YouTube. Particularly disheartening since we put in such a noble effort cutting it to make it YouTube and broadcast-friendly. We’ll make the necessary appeals, but if and when it does clear, we doubt it will happen in time for Saturday’s usual broadcast. Please accept our apologies and do know we’ll be back on YouTube next Saturday.

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