This Saturday on Creature Features:

This weekend’s show ushers in our seventh year of Creature Features. On Halloween weekend – Saturday October 29th 2016, we broadcast our first episode. Our first guest was former Creature Features host, John Stanley, and the film we presented was “Night of The Living Dead.” On Saturday October 29th 2022 we will air our 306th episode. If you look closely enough, you’ll see a few subtle changes. But it’s still the same show we’ve been taping every single week for the past six years. Though our movies have become a bit better…

We couldn’t think of a better movie to serve on Halloween weekend than “Love at First Bite” from 1979. Starring George Hamilton, Susan Saint James, Richard Benjamin and Arte Johnson; this is a hilarious film that approaches the topic of Dracula in a fashion much like we saw in “Young Frankenstein.” If you’ve seen it before, you’ll notice it gets better with age. If you haven’t yet, you’re in for a treat. The little ones will like it too.

Guest-wise, we’ll have nobody. But that’s OK. The denizens of the mansion will do their best to entertain you. In their Halloween costumes, no less. Except for Vince. As he puts it, “…I dress for Halloween every day of the year.” We suggested he might dress “normal” for Halloween but he wouldn’t have it.

All this while Tangella prepares a potent and perplexing potion, next Saturday night at 9PM Pacific at the enclosed link and on-demand at our Roku, AppleTV and FireTV channels. Don’t miss it!

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