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Ever have that creepy feeling you’ve done something before? It’s called “Deja Vu” which translated from French literally means “Already seen.” Well, hopefully you haven’t already seen this weekend’s movie because it’s interesting on the first watch, but likely one that you won’t take in twice. “The Reincarnation of Peter Proud” from 1975 stars Michael Sarrazin, Margot Kidder and Jennifer O’Neill. This was originally an R-rated film which we’ve toned down a bit with our scissors and some tape. Not that we like doing that, but we don’t want parents to have to kick the teenagers out of the living room. Nor do we want YouTube to think we’re peddling naughtiness thereby lowering our ranks on their “What to Watch Next” list. But enough about that. The plot centers around a man who continues to have nightmares of the night he was murdered. Seeing that he is not dead, he comes to the conclusion that this happened in a former life. He pursues this tale on a road trip of discovery. Nice little surprise at the end.

And with us to watch this rerun movie which we’ve never shown before will be our old friend, Spooky Boo. Those on our YouTube premiere chats know her as the den-mom of our forum. But when she’s not keeping chatty viewers in line, she has her own website of scary and ghostly tales. She’ll tell us all about that, chime in about the film and tell Vince about who has been naughty in the chat room and who has been nice.

All this while Tangella eyes some vegetables, next Saturday night at 9PM Pacific at the enclosed link and on-demand at our Roku, AppleTV and FireTV channels. Don’t miss it!

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