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We’ve received quite a few requests for this weekend’s film. We’re not sure why. It doesn’t seem that special. It’s not particularly scary. The effects are fairly mediocre. And the acting is only a notch or two above wooden. But we suspect it’s one of those “it scared me as a kid” movies. And nostalgia coupled with terror can be a beautiful thing. And that’s good enough for us, so this Saturday we shall serve up:

“Fiend Without a Face” from 1958. Starring Marshall Thompson, Kim Parker and Terry Kilburn, this British-made indy movie revolves around an invisible life form that feeds on atomic power and steals human brains and spinal columns. Yes, you heard that last part right. Should be fun.

Joining us to watch this cinematic gem will be actor Jonathan David, who has the unique distinction of being one of a very few actors to be featured in every single episode of the original Star Trek series. He’ll tell us how he was cast for this prestigious gig, chat about what it was like behind the scenes and bring us up to speed on how he’s doing on the convention circuit.

All while Tangella practices her cosmetology skills, next Saturday night at 9PM Pacific at the link above and on-demand at our Roku, AppleTV and FireTV channels. Don’t miss it!

4 thoughts on “This weekend on Creature Features: ”

  1. Miss seeing you on Roku!!! It stared work then disconnected. I don’t like watching on YouTub. I hope you can get your Roku Chanel going again. You guys are great!

  2. Love the show. Not sure why your guest Jonathan Davis told such an outlandish lie about the Star Trek transporter effect. Actors sliding down thru a hatch in the floor…Are you serious? Just makes you wonder how much of his recollections were pure bs.

    1. “Mr. David” said that in “The City on the Edge of Forever,” he tripped when it was his time to step through the Guardian. However, upon review of the episode, it’s clear that no black crewman was in the landing party. So, unless they reshot the beam in/out sequences (and paid for additional effects to account for his absence, which is unlikely for a low-budget show), reshot every scene in which the landing party is seen, and altered the planned scenes of 1930s Earth to exclude “Mr. David,” then the story is highly suspect.

  3. A question to all: Could the person claiming to be “Jonathan David” actually be the unnamed black actor seen in the following clip from classic Star Trek’s legendary episode, “The Doomsday Machine”? I’ve looked through every TOS episode, and of the various black extras and minor actors who were on the show, it is the guard shown in this episode who comes closest (to me) in matching the later appearance of the highly inaccurate “Jonathan David.”

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