This weekend on Creature Features:

We simply don’t show enough werewolf movies. True fact. It’s not that we’re unwilling. It is simply because our distributor doesn’t come across very many. So when a “new” one popped up on the list, we jumped on it.

“Moon of The Wolf” from 1972 is no “Wolfman” from 1941. But it does star the legendary David Jansseen, the lovely Barbara Rush and the hilarious Geoffrey Lewis. We won’t say that it’s a great film but it’s not a bad one either. We think you’ll like it. But if you don’t, you’ll surely like our guest:

Joining us again will be magician Ken Garr. He’ll amaze us with his illusions, tell us tales about his stint at Cirque de Boheme and give us his sage commentary about the above-referenced film.

All while Tangella gives Handrew yet another coronary, next Saturday night at 9PM Pacific at the link above and on-demand at our Roku, AppleTV and FireTV channels. Don’t miss it!

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