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We had never heard of this film until it came up on our distributor’s list a few months ago. How we missed this one is almost criminal. But we’ll make up for it this weekend when we present “What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice?” from 1969. This is a fabulous film that is of a quality quite a few notches above what we typically serve here on Creature Features. Staring Geraldine Page, Ruth Gordon and a myriad of popular character actors from the 60’s, this neo-noir thriller is the crowning glory of the “Psycho-Biddy” films glut of the late 60’s and early 70’s. And if your are as unfamiliar with that term as we were until recently, just think “Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte” and “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”

As for our guest, we’ll be joined by the wonderful Mr. Lobo from Cinema Insomnia. He’s a horror host, a movie star, a television producer, a well-dresser and something of a psychopath. But we love him and so will you as he gives us a large dollop of trivia about our film, tell about his recent Left Coast adventures and explain exactly what a “Pop-Up Drive-In” happens to be and why they’re so popular on the Right Coast.

All this while Tangella practices her bandaging skills, this Saturday night at 9PM Pacific Time at the link above and on-demand at our Roku, AppleTV and FireTV channels. Don’t miss it!

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  1. Sounds like a good movie! Unfortunately, since my cable provider no longer offers access to the show (& I don’t do streaming), I wound up resorting to hunting it down on DVD (it is not on blu-ray, alas). It can be ordered directly from Kino-Lorber home video for around $10 plus tax & shipping. FYI, they also offer a new blu-ray of The Abominable Dr Philbes, which is on another host’s horror show this week.

  2. Awesome! This movie sounds great, and Mr. Lobo is always fun! So looking forward to this episode!

  3. What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice is not uploaded to Creature Features App for Roku TV yet!!!!!

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