One thought on “This Saturday!”

  1. Dear Vincent, et al,

    I was catching up on your show of last week: “Star Wreck” (many thanks for posting it on your site); and realized that I was wrong. I am writing to say that I take back everything I said or thought about this incarnation of Creature Features. Even the commercials are getting better!

    I was profoundly wrong. It is hard for me to admit to such an intellectual ass-kicking, but there it is. Vincent is the Crimson Executioner to my Italian extra.

    I also enjoyed tonight’s episode featuring the guy who played Apollo on Star Trek (TOS). All Hail Apollo!

    Movies like these make life horrific and terrific, at the same time.

    My unrequited love to Tangella, and deepest respect to Livingston.


    -David Gari

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